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High West American Prairie Bourbon

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American Prairie™ Bourbon is a complex blend of straight bourbons producing an aromatic whiskey that helps preserve the West.

High West distillery is a manufacturer and blender of Spirits, located in Utah, hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains. The first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of the American Prohibition, most of their Spirits are sourced and blended, although they do distill some of their Spirits themselves. While they started off humble with a 250-gallon still, they were named Distiller of the Year already in 2016 by Whisky Advocate and grown to become internationally recognizable with four unique locations.

They also know how to support a good cause and their American Prairie Bourbon is dedicated to the American Prairie Reserve's mission to preserve the nature and wildlife in the American West. This is an award-winning, complex blend of Straight Bourbons, aged from 2 to 13 years. Not chill-filtered or carbon treated and bottled at 46% ABV, the blend is aged in new, white American oak. Receiving a Double Gold Medal in Fifty Best in 2015 among other accolades, this aromatic Whiskey brings forward a rich and earthy, well-balanced palate. A natural beauty from the Rocky Mountains.


46% ABV / 700ml

American Prairie™ Bourbon是由多種直接釀製的波旁威士忌混合而成,產生了一種具有香氣的威士忌,有助於保護西部的自然環境。

High West蒸餾廠是一家位於猶他州、藏身在落基山脈深處的烈酒製造商和調和師。自美國禁酒令結束以來,這是猶他州的第一家合法許可的蒸餾廠,他們的大部分烈酒都是採購和調和的,但他們也會自己蒸餾一些烈酒。雖然他們最初只有一個250加侖的蒸餾罐,但在2016年,他們已經被Whisky Advocate評為年度蒸餾商,並擁有四個獨特的場所,成為國際知名品牌。

他們也知道如何支持一個好事業,他們的American Prairie Bourbon致力於美國草原儲備的使命,即保護美國西部的自然和野生動物。這是一款屢獲殊榮的複雜混合波旁威士忌,經過2至13年的陳年。不經冷過濾或碳處理,酒精度46%,混合物在新的白色美國橡木桶中陳年。在2015年的Fifty Best比賽中獲得雙金獎等多項殊榮,這款具有香氣的威士忌帶來豐富而土氣的口感,平衡度極佳。這是來自落基山脈的天然之美。

酒精度46% / 700毫升。

Light caramel and sweet vanilla

Rich and earthy on the palate with well balanced flavors of candy corn, honey nougat and sweet corn bread biscuits

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