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Farmer's Botanical Organic Gin

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Farmer’s Organic Gin is made in small batches from carefully selected botanicals and the purest non-GMO grains. Providing a pristinely clean palette for the artful infusion of botanicals, the distillate is made from sustainably farmed grain grown in the U.S. Certified organic by the USDA, Farmer’s Gin possesses a complexity and unique taste profile due to its remarkably balanced selection of botanicals, including juniper, elderflower, lemongrass, coriander, and angelica root.


46.7% ABV / 750ml

Farmer's Organic Gin是由精心挑選的植物和最純淨的非轉基因穀物製成的小批量產品。提供一個極度乾淨的味板,為巧妙的植物浸漬提供了最佳基礎,蒸餾酒精是由在美國可持續種植的穀物製成。該產品已獲得美國農業部的有機認證,由於其非常平衡的植物選擇,包括杜松、接骨木花、香茅、芫荽和歐洲狗薑子,Farmer's Gin擁有複雜的口感和獨特的風味特徵。

酒精度為46.7%/ 750毫升。

On the nose, the elderflower enhances the juniper

Botanicals including lemongrass and coriander reveal themselves on the palate. Notes of celery and a sweet licorice flavor round out the profile.

Bright and citrusy

Crop Harvest Earth Co, a distillery dedicated to producing spirits from organically grown crops. This gin begins with a base spirit made from organically and sustainably grown grain.

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How we like to drink it


Winter Thyme & Lime
60ml Farmer's Organic Gin
30ml elderflower liqueur
1 tablespoon lime/thyme simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)
lime juice (from 1 lime)
club soda
lime slices

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