If you have been seeking for a non- alcoholic drinks, NOUGHTY is the one that you look for. 

NOUGHTY, the first top quality alcohol-free, organic, vegan, halal, low sugar sparkling. They are B Corp certified because they believe in the importance of sustainability – making sure that from the moment their grapes leave the vineyards, every step is as environmentally conscious as possible. NOUGHTY believe in profit with purpose and are proud to be one of a handful of companies worldwide that has been granted B Corp status.

Firstly, their organic grapes are grown with minimal intervention in the harvesting and production process.

NOUGHTY never use any animal by-products in the filtration process, meaning that all their bottles are vegan friendly.  Even if you’re not vegan, you can rest assured that there are no crustaceans, egg or fish used at any point during production.

Lastly, they avoid adding unnecessary sugar to the production process.  This means that if you are conscious of your sugar intake, they are able to give you chapter and verse on exactly how much sugar each one of their low-sugar bottles contains.