Sea Change - Ethically Sourced Eco-Friendly Wines

About the Founder

Behind Sea Change is a family run wine business founded over 15 years ago by Toby and Bill, who've always felt strongly that business has a responsibility to the environment. And it was with this in mind, during a casual discussion in 2018 about the impact of plastic on our oceans with Simon and Ian, who run the UK side of the business, that ignited the idea for Sea Change.

This view is echoed by their whole team and since conception has evolved for into something much bigger. A movement in itself, a reason to look at our behaviours, and to make the conscious decision to change.

Sustainability Credentials

Sea Change are passionate about two things, wine and protecting our oceans. Stopping plastic from entering the oceans is a large part of ocean conservation, with many projects around the world dedicating themselves to the cause. 

Sea Change never use plastic, not even recycled plastic, as there’s a risk it will end up back in our oceans 

 Support A Plastic Ocean Foundation charity in Hong Kong

 Raised over €300k for ocean conservation so far in 2022

  For every bottle sold, a minimum of €0.25 is contributed to ocean charities

Our Personal Favourite

Sea Change Prosecco heralds from the romantic Veneto region in north-eastern Italy and is made from the Glera grape variety. It is rumoured that one member of the Sea Change team proposed to his partner in Verona after a few glasses! 

This sparkling wine has taken the UK by storm in recent years - it’s a real crowd pleaser. Perhaps it’s the light easy drinking style, flavours of elegant pears interlaced with a gentle spritz, or maybe we all simply love this silver medal winner - as it makes us feel a million dollars! 

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