The Gin Pack
The Gin Pack
The Gin Pack
The Gin Pack

The Gin Pack

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Total Green Card Points = 900 pts

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* 200 pts for Made in Hong Kong
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- N.I.P. Gin

Inspired by the city’s origin, N.I.P combines traditional botanicals of distilled gin with local flavours and aromas to create a unique Hong Kong spirit.  The main stage created by the traditional piney juniper berries is highlighted by the tangy aged tangerine peels, further complemented by the elegance and citrus of kumquat and the sweetness and lingering aromas of Shoumei tea.  This is a meticulously crafted gin that not only brings forth a complex yet balanced combination of flavours, but also the heritage and underlying attitude that is representative of Hong Kong. 

- Mermaid Gin

Mermaid gin at 42% abv has been hand-crafted on the isle of wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals. Presented in a stunning eco-friendly bottle.

Hand-made, small-batch gin using 10 botanicals that are meticulously sourced for quality and carefully blended to create a smooth, fresh and complex flavour profile. Locally foraged rock samphire and elderflower, fresh citrus zest from Sicilian lemons and Grains of Paradise are complemented by Boadicea hops grown in the local botanical gardens at Ventnor, English coriander from Sussex, orris root, angelica root, liquorish root, and juniper.

- Fair Juniper Organic Gin

FAIR Gin is the first distilled gin made from Uzbek juniper berries. It is organic and Fair Trade certified.


We add the following Fairtrade and organic botanicals to our quinoa vodka base: Uzbek juniper berries, lemons from Morocco, angelica roots, cardamon, coriander and timut pepper.