Save our Souls Yarra Valley Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018

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We might need to save ourselves from Save Our Souls...A Pinot Noir from where the wild things grow. This is svelte and earnest, but deep and brooding, staying in a playful light frame but only fleetingly, moving from the very cranberry and sweet into damson plums, mushrooms and savoury earth. This is the kind of dance a minimal intervention Pinot does when it's in good hands. Ripe fruits, yet low alcohol, which is entirely a vineyard character from an organically farmed 'Syme' - lots of length. Very wild, very cool.

You might have heard of Bill Downie, who shot to 'wine-cool' fame with his ethereal take on Pinot Noir, expressing regions throughout Victoria. Before his own Pinots became so highly sought after', he was promoted purely on his philosophical take and love for Pinot, obsessing himself tasting the great wines of Burgundy. Bill's calling has always been wine, that he simply couldn't shake, and so 'Save Our Souls' is just one of many projects he works on. Along with mate Jason Searle and the aforementioned Bill, two friends from the vineyard of Bass Phillip bonded over a common love for a laugh and a great wine. They don't make 'picture perfect' squeaky clean wines - it's all about the grapes, not about awards or accolades. Plus nothing is added to their wine up until bottling, so sure, it's vegan, it's single vineyard, it's whatever you want to call it, but it's all about drinkability. Considered 'natural' by many, because they aren't heavy handed on such 'adds' if ever, at all... but they won't tell you that. These guys aren't afraid to splash out delicious, easy and great value wines.


12% ABV

Save Our Souls的黑皮諾葡萄酒來自野生生長的地方。這款酒身材纖巧而誠懇,但也深沉而沈思,保持輕快的風格,但這種風格只是暫時的,從蔓越莓和甜味轉化為李子、蘑菇和鹹味的泥土味。當一款極少干預的黑皮諾葡萄酒落入優秀酒手中時,就會表現出這種跳躍的舞姿。成熟的水果,低酒精度,完全是有機種植的“Syme”葡萄園的特色 - 非常長。非常野性,非常酷。

你可能聽說過Bill Downie,他以他對黑皮諾的神秘詮釋在葡萄酒圈享有盛名,表現出維多利亞州各個地區的特色。在他自己的黑皮諾葡萄酒變得如此受追捧之前,他純粹因為對黑皮諾的哲學觀點和熱愛而備受推崇,沉迷於品嚐勃艮第的上佳葡萄酒。 Bill Downie的招牌一直是葡萄酒,他無法擺脫對葡萄酒的熱愛,因此“Save Our Souls”只是他參與的眾多項目之一。他和朋友Jason Searle以及上述的Bill是來自Bass Phillip葡萄園的兩個朋友,他們因對笑聲和美酒的共同熱愛而結為好友。他們不製作“完美無瑕”的酒 - 一切都是關於葡萄,而不是關於獎項或榮譽。此外,在裝瓶前,他們的葡萄酒不添加任何成分,因此當然是素食主義者適用的,是單一葡萄園的產品,是你想叫它什麼就是什麼,但這一切都是關於飲用體驗。許多人認為它是“天然”的,因為他們在這些添加物方面不會過度干預,如果有的話,甚至完全沒有......但他們不會告訴你這些。這些人不害怕濺出美味、易飲和物超所值的葡萄酒。


Cranberries, cherries, and raspberry sit on top of flavours of anise, pomegranate, and earth. Beautifully weighted and textured with a velvety mouthfeel.

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