Thomson & Scott Noughty Dealcoholized Syrah NV

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Noughty Syrah is a smooth and well-balanced red wine that exhibits ripe fruit characteristics, crushed black pepper, and dried rose petals. The Noughty Rouge is made from Syrah grapes grown on dry land in Darling, South Africa, and aged for 12 months. Strategic locations are selected where grapes are grown so that they receive the warm sun and the cooling winds.

This sophisticated wine is low in sugar, low calories, and B-Corp certified, making it suitable for anyone.


0% ABV/ 750ml

Noughty Syrah是一款口感順滑、平衡的紅酒,展現了成熟的水果特色、碾碎的黑胡椒和乾玫瑰花瓣的味道。Noughty Rouge是由在南非Darling地區種植的Syrah葡萄製成,經過12個月的陳年。選擇在葡萄生長的地方適當的位置,使它們能夠接收到溫暖的陽光和涼爽的海風。


酒精度0%/ 750毫升

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