Greenhough Stone's Throw Pinot Noir 2019

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Winemaking is very similar to that of the Hope Vineyard Pinot though there is less time on skins for some batches with a view to preserving fruit focus and moderating extraction of tannins. Similarly the level of both new and one year old oak is carefully managed so that it plays a subtle, supportive role.  It is important to us that the style of this wine is neither over-ripe nor overly structured.  Together with its brambly, red-fruited freshness, the wine has a lightness and poise. This characteristic signature is present here in spite of the added level of ripeness and vigour that the excellent 2017 vintage has provided. Attractively aromatic. Summer berry-fruits, citrusy, floral notes and a lightly spiced, herbal fragrance. Suggestive of the outdoors. Earth, mushroom notes evolve as the wine opens in the glass. The palate is vibrant and brightly red-fruited with a light spicy savouriness and supple structure of well-bound tannins. There is a depth in the exotic guava and quince which have a secondary, preserve-like richness. A refreshing plum-skin tanginess and chalky, minerality balances these ripper flavours.

14.2% ABV
釀酒過程與Hope Vineyard Pinot非常相似,但在一些批次中浸泡的時間較短,以保留水果的焦點和減緩單寧的提取。同樣,新和一年的橡木桶的水平都被仔細管理,以使其發揮微妙而支持性的作用。對我們來說,這款酒的風格既不過熟也不過於結構化。除了2017年優秀的收成提供的成熟度和活力水平外,這種特徵簽名也存在於這裡。具有吸引力的香氣。夏季莓果、柑橘、花香和帶有淡淡香料、草本的氣息。具有戶外特性。隨著酒在玻璃杯中打開,泥土、蘑菇的氣息逐漸展現。口感鮮活,鮮紅色水果帶有淡淡的香料風味和柔軟的單寧結構。在異國情調的芭樂和木瓜中有一種次要的、像果醬一樣的豐富感。清新的李子皮酸味和粉筆般的礦物質平衡了這些成熟的味道。


A blend of neighbouring vineyards, the 2017 Stone’s Throw Pinot Noir is exceptionally fragrant and silky. offering up hints of smoked bacon, various savory spices, floral notes and dark berries. It’s medium-bodied, with delicate tannins that are just present enough to give the wine shape on the palate without interfering with its early consumption. Pretty and complex, it should be consumed over the next few years.

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