Wine of the Month: Unico Zelo

Wine of the month: Unico Zelo

About the Founders

Unico Zelo Founders

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Laura and Bredan Carter.

Unico Zelo is committed to growing and producing wine in South Australia with minimal intervention.

Sustainability Credentials

Produce wine from grape varieties that can be dry-grown in low-water use, desert-like environments  

✔️ Committed to honouring the uniquenes and fragility of our land 

✔️ Minimal intervention winemaking practices

✔️ B-Corp certified

Our Personal Favourite

Unico Zelo Fresh A.F. Nero d'Avola 2021

The Zibibbo has been dialled down just a touch from last year to a pitch perfect 15% letting the Nero be the star of the show it always meant to be.

A juicy, chillable, slurper that disappears in world record time. This as close as you can get to adult Ribena it's ridiculous.

Shop the collection now!

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